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The customer (you) understands that the ability for us (Sweet Home Pet Service) to provide the best quality service may depend on weather conditions, the access to the yard, size of the area, height of the grass, leaves or other debris, or other unknown circumstances.

The customer (you) understands that is the homeowner's responsibility for granted acces to the yard. If we (SHPS) cannot access the yard due to a locked, frozen, or blocked gate then service will be skipped with full weekly service charge still applied.

Customer must let us know in advance of any cancellations. We allow up to 3 customer cancelations per year if the dog will be away from the home and the yard will remain clean for some time. This can be for any reason such as vacations, remodeling, dog boarding, exc.


Cusomer agrees that this is a weekly service and is charged by a weekly basis. Some months may have five weekdays. 


We (SHPS) do work in all sorts of weather conditions. However, safety is our top priority. We may cancel due to severe, or inclement weather conditions. This includes severe rainstorms, lightning events, wind events, extreme cold, or excessive heat.

We do cancel service for accumulative snowfall as we cannot clean what we cannot see.

In the event of a cancelation due to weather we only charge a $3.00 per dog charge for the extra accumulation of waste from the missed week of service.


Invoices for the weekly charges are sent and due on the first of every month.

There is a $3.00 late fee for any invoice that is overdue by 30 days.

We will allow up to six unpaid services before stopping or pausing services.

Any service missed due to late or no payment will result in full charge plus additional $3.00 per dog make up fee to start service again.


If service is not resumed within thirty days you will be taken off of the schedule.


If you have any questions please feel free to contact us!

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