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Two dogs playing

  Our professional pet waste removal management service using proper tools and techniques to keep your dog's toilet clean!

*  We offer weekly service only; the day of service depends on location.


 *  We use biodegradable bags only and take the waste with us to dispose of properly.

*  We sanitize our tools before and after every use. The bottoms of our boots and buckets are also disinfected between each yard.


   Price depends on number of dogs no matter size of dog or yard.

   There is a one time / initial start-up clean that varies depending on month, season, and time of year.

   We also offer the Bucket Service for those who prefer to clean the yard up daily, but don't want all of the gross waste in the household garbage. We provide a heavy-duty bucket with a clamp on lid and a set of tools to scoop the poop. We come by once a week and take the waste away and reline the bucket with clean biodegradable bags.

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