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Unmanaged pet waste is actually a large source of waterway contaminates such as an abundance of nitrates and bacteria like E. Coli. The EPA actully considers is not much different than hazardous human waste. We take pride in knowing we are out there helping our environment on a regular basis!


My Name is Stacie Gossman. I feel as if I have a love for animals that I cannot explain. All of my life I have known that I am meant to work with animals. Even if it is just cleaning up after them, I love caring for them in any way! I have found since starting this pooper scooper business that it is very helpful and convenient for many dog owners too! 


Photo of Stacie Gossman

I attended classes for a Veterinarian Technician at Stautzenberger College from 2003 to 2006. Unfortunately, I did not receive my degree because I found Pharmacology and Microbiology quite difficult. However, I did acquire a degree in Information Technology a few years later. My experience with pets includes a year as an intern at a veterinary clinic, some experience in pet sitting, and many voluntary hours at the local Humane Society. Additional experience includes a lifetime of being a pet owner of many species. I have always an unconditional love for dogs! 

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